9 ways to target your online customers

Today we are a world that depends on technology and using the internet, whether it is for business or pleasure can be resourceful to all of us.

So, it’s not creativity when we say businesses have grown digitally as a matter of fact, business owners are now searching ways to help promote their businesses

But, how do you target your online customers, exactly?

When you start a business virtually, you may want to create a website which will showcase your product and service to the general public, and this will give you the base to help promote your business organization.

Today we are a world that depends on technology and using the internet, whether it is for business or pleasure can be resourceful to all of us.

These are the top nine ways to help you target your audience

1. Use social Media Marketing

Most of us, tend to overestimate the concept of social media. When and If you want your business to be popular globally using the means of social media can actually help us. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are a number of ways where you can openly show what is happening in your business to the world. Whether it is a new product or sale people learn more about your product using these means. Every business owner today uses at least one of these methods.

Creating a business account/page

When you create a business page, often social media guides you through a promotion tour,

where it allows you to select your target audience and how many people you want to target according to the money you spend.

This helps you to select your audience. Of course, not everyone will be interested in a product or service.

That’s why we choose selected keywords to help improve businesses. SEO Sri Lanka, helps us to recognize what a particular niche a company is really doing. And if their service is relevant for the target audience

2. Use video tutorials in your website

Videos are probably our go-to when we are interested in anything. How many of us are interested in reading? How many of us are interested in watching something and learning? As people, we are more drawn to audio and visual concepts, that’s why YouTube seems effortless to scroll through. Colours draw us closer especially when you are interested in a product.

Online user experience really helps promote a business. The more people like your product or service the more they will come visit your store. 

3. E-mail subscriber news letter

This is a must-have in a website, there are plenty of websites – whether they be education, health and even business websites always begin with a sign up for newsletter and this allows people who visit your website to sign up for any update with your business.

Building an email list can help you target a particular audience, which can help your business grow gradually.

4. Using Google AdWords for your business

AdWords is a perfect way to target your audience. Why you ask? Well, first AdWords is a pay-per-click website that helps you to get your business in Google’s search query. This gives Google the chance to search through your content with keywords and your website pops into an advertisement form relevant to a search. AdWords can help you to target not only your local audience but also your global audience as well.

5. Run a survey

A survey is the best way to circulate and target a specific kind of audience. There are many creative ways that you can use to customize it to your business. Keywords are an important tool when you are targeting a specific audience.

When you want to create online surveys the most popular is the Google surveys and they always seem to find their way into your mail, or even through a friend.

6. Spread the word – Do a press release

Press releases are a perfect way to let everyone know what you are doing in your company. It’s literally giving you an update on what is happening with the company and business. This actually helps other small businesses to know more about you and your niche.

In today’s digital world, using a press release is like shouting about your business like a daily tabloid news. There are a number of online press release websites which you can read. This gives an idea to your selected audience about your brand, product and service.

7. Giveaways and free boxes

Have you seen influencers? Have you taken part in a free giveaway? Well, these are the little things that drive traffic and audience to your website.

These little things let your audience be more involved in your business, and what’s better is that they also tag friends who think will be interested in your business brand.

This is one of the easiest ways to attract audiences to your business.

8. Build associate connections

Now, you can build your online market by using other associations that will help you promote your brand. A lot of small businesses support each other to get the best out of two things. If you are a 


clothing brand you can always look for help by partnering with other brands that can help you like maybe, let’s say a shoe brand company or even a little jewellery giveaway. These things can help with business improvements greatly.

9. Using SEO terms to help your business

SEO is a term that most of us casually use but, truthfully this is the main reason why your business is ranking rather than sinking. It’s all to do with generic words that people randomly search through Google. SEO Sri Lanka is one of the easiest ways to look for your business on the web in Sri Lanka.

For example, you are looking for a business online – let’s say www.fastwebs.lk when you type the keywords into Google

  • Fast web
  • SEO
  • Sri Lanka

A list of companies with digital marketing and SEO content will come up.

Also in that case, when you are looking for a clothing style

  • Long sleeve
  • White
  • Blouse
  • Office wear


These are keywords that help your website be promoted and searched. So, when you are targeting any audience know what they want. Google as a matter of fact, uses these keywords to produce adverts which are relevant to the keywords.

So, next time when you are trying to increase online customers and get traffic to your business. Try these 9 ways to help you ensure that your business ranks better and stays on top.


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