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Frequently Asked Questions

When you want to view certain content on the website, the responsive design automatically adjusts the layout of the device you are viewing on. The layout of web design has now shifted just from the desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones. To create an impeccable user experience, responsive web design has been implemented in the new age web development right from the start. This has not only improved presentation but also it adjusts capabilities to varied screen resolutions.

Definitely! Why don’t you join us over a fun-filled chat at our office? If that’s not possible, let’s discuss over the call so that we can serve you better.

The cost of the website depends completely on your demand as to how many number of pages you require, what functions you are looking for in the website or how you want the content to be managed. Tell us your requirements and we will provide you an estimate of how much the project would cost you.

Also known as Content Management System, it is a way to manage and have proper control over the content within your website that doesn’t require any technical knowledge or training. But common sense and creativity is must to guide you through things like adding, editing or deleting of text and images on the website.

Opening the Content Management System on any web browser or word processor to be specific is not a big deal. Little bit of knowledge as to how to go about it is all you need to grab the control over the website. You can make changes whenever you want.

Of course! It is your product order in which we put in our best efforts to provide the best of everything. Once the product is finished, we hand it over to you.

No. Whatever we quote before we take up your project is what you will have to pay for. In case additional amount required in between the work process, that will be what you need to pay for besides the agreed quoted price.