your No. 1 leading web design company in Sri Lanka! your No. 1 leading company in Sri Lanka for all your web design needs. Because we know what you need, we have an amazing team of strategists and web designers who will help you achieve what is best for you and your company.

We will help you to design web page layouts, content, artwork and help you with any need possible. Here at we understand that no one is the same and help to create your web design to the way you like your brand to be seen.

What is web design?

Web design in the simplest way to put it is making and maintaining a website. But, it just doesn’t mean that you simply create and stay put. It’s also about the technique of good marketing whether it is through social media or clever technical strategies which help the blog up and running.

How to web design? 

Web design can be fun, it’s all about playing around with your web layouts to see what suits you and what looks right of the website. When I say, right? I mean, that it should blend the style, theme and aesthetic of your brand. So, that it will attract your audience and make you see what kind of brand you got going on. IT soultions

You don’t really need a lot of skill with web design it’s all about constructing a safe space to show off your creativity and business. That’s why in fact, you don’t need to stress about the web maintenance, we will take care of it for you, and more so, you can focus on the business at hand.

Why use a website? 

A website is much like an online tabloid where you can read and grasp information regarding products and even items that people think need a comparison. Heck, it even happens to us. We all like do research before making a purchase and that is why websites offer a place where you can read more information, grasp new topics or do comparative notes on certain products. A website is essential in today’s economy and is very popular too.

So rather than reading reviews from other websites, why not make your own?

How to Do-It-Yourself a website?

Oh! This one’s easy, anyone can make their own website but you must always be ready to do your research. And that’s why we are the best. We can do the hard work for you, or maybe you can do it yourself.

Choose your platform 

There are several good blogging platforms, with affordable pricing lists to make your website, but, the most common one that we all use is WordPress.

You can look it up at for more information and pricing.

Here are a few more that you can look at if you like:

  • BloggerGator by Host gator
  • Weebly

started, you may choose your theme according to your company aesthetic

Design the web layout

Designing the web layout means how you want to it to look to the audience and where you would like to insert pictures or whether you want a home page or even a blog page or just a page for your gallery. This also means in which order you want the pages to be and what your audience wants you to see.


Content, artwork and more!

This is where the fun part comes in and mostly where the technical aspect of how your local SEO content work.

When you first start writing content it should be relevant to your niche which in turn, you can build a form of keywords which are relevant to your genre. Our company represents three very special terms and they are

“, web design Sri Lanka

This helps you to understand what our company resembles the audience and that can give you a good understanding of who we are as a brand.

Marketing plan

Marketing plans are incredibly special and that’s because every one of us has a phone and knows about the internet and social media. What better way than to create an online virtual market where everyone can come together?

That’s why digital marketing and online marketing are special, it’s all about the content you put out for your brand and how you showcase your work to your fellow subscribers

How to use social media for web design?

Social media has become a fast way to shout out to the world and let them know about what’s going on in the world. Even now, whether you are in Melbourne, Sri Lanka or even in the U.S it actually doesn’t matter. Because no one really needs a passport to travel.

And that’s the best part of social media, you can follow up with anything that’s happening globally. Social media basically helps with web design by allowing your audience to have an idea of what a company website is doing.

“When your website in on construction – doesn’t your social media let your audience know that your website will not be working?”

Why choose

We at really want to see your dream come true and for your business to thrive. We need to make sure you get what you came for. And with our team working hard around the clock, we understand the aspirations you have for all your hard work. That’s why we can help you fulfil that dream.

Everyone has a vision of what their website wants. To look like and that’s why we at Fast webs design what you have a mind for.

Come and visit us on for more information in re


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