How To Become The Best Elevator & Escalator Company In Sri Lanka?

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How to kick start your online presence?

As an escalator and elevator company creating an online presence can help you to attract more and more visitors to your website or even your physical store. As we all can see, whenever a person needs to visit a place or even look for restaurants people depend on Google. And that’s what traditional companies must start doing to help the business progress.

Social Media Marketing

An online presence doesn’t necessarily mean to say that you should have a website, a social media platform and sign up with Google AdWords. In fact, it is really up to how well you want your business to be known.

Some business brands have their own websites to help potential visitors and consumers navigate through your store and products. If someone looks for ‘escalator company in Sri Lanka’ on Google your products if used with correct keywords your website or your platform will show up on Google’s search results page.

What type of website should you use?

Whether you are using a website as a storefront or just a general website with blogs, you must be able to captivate your audience into purchasing a product or physically visit your website. However, there are two types of websites you can go for.

Firstly, though one must keep in mind that a website will only work if you have an idea or insight into SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way Google picks up words that have been typed on the search bar. Without SEO a website is just a website.

Making a website, and managing social media platforms are known as digital marketing. Digital marketing has come as a revolutionary and novel form of marketing to persuade your customers to purchase your products.

Website Storefront: A storefront is mainly the concept of a marketplace and it is just based on items and products which are listed with the price and you can purchase it.

Website: A website mainly focuses on one business and this helps to build your brand on the platform if you want to write your business vision and mission you can go in-depth to your website.

How a digital marketing company get you to market your products?

Let’s be honest… We all know how to create and make a website in this day and age. However, when you set your website and then for a couple of months you realize you are not generating enough of visitors and traffic, of course, there is something wrong that you are doing… And that’s why we are here for you…

We first offer you a free SEO monthly report to show you how your site is doing, and henceforth we will monitor your website and fix all the technical issues. The most common technical issues that we face when websites are not generating traffic are:

1) On-page SEO

On-page SEO is trying to optimize each page of a website to rank them higher with Google. It is based on tweaking the HTML source codes, for example, meta titles, meta descriptions are just a few of the on-page SEO which we can change using the SEO keywords.


Keywords are technically what’s known as popular search terms that are used on Google by ordinary people like us. By using these keywords in your website, Google will be able to find your website and list it on Google’s search results page.

Meta Titles

Meta titles are actually unseen by the audience, however, for the source codes to get recognized it is important. Also, meta titles are the titles which pop up on Google search result’s page.

Meta descriptions

Much like the meta title, the meta description can generally be seen on the Search Result’s page. However, sometimes, people use a sentence from the article/webpage to generate a flow of traffic.

2) Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is based on the number of different kinds of backlinks which can help to generate more traffic from other websites as well.

3) SEO

As mentioned above, SEO is what drives a website and if a website lacks SEO then you will have a hard time generating views, visitors. And traffic to your website or business. When you create a list of specific keywords after research, you can look into putting them into words or sentences.

Following those instructions can help you generate a better flow of traffic and visitors to your website.

4) SEO follow up reports

By having a monthly update on your website. You will be able to notice the significant difference in the change of your website’s health. Be it backlink’s health, or even the ranking progress. You will see results over time successfully.


Of course, there is a conclusion and that being the fact. There are a number of different ways that a digital marketing company can help you to get the best for your company. A digital marketer is well versed whether it has a lot to deal with managing social media accounts or even having to update and monitor a website’s wellbeing.

For you to have a well-established and thriving online experience with your website. You must ensure to use a website to help people find you. After all, people would rather order an escalator or elevator rather than physically go and see it. But, apart from that having a website can help you to reach to you international. And local customers all at once, just with the click on a button.


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