Social Media Marketing In Sri Lanka

Social Media & Online Marketing Sri Lanka
Social Media & Online Marketing Sri Lanka

Have you ever thought the best way to market a new product?

It is better to find out fluctuating updating system with the highest diversity. Not only the customers but also you can address a range all type of stakeholders such as potential employees, the general public as well. The highest achievement you can gain through social media marketing is online reviews and comments about your product from your existing and past customers (earned media). If comments are positive you can continue with new quality improvements and if there are a considerable amount of negative comments you have to do sudden quality inspections. You have to reply in a strategical manner to maintain an online relationship better communication. According to the psychological expert, reviews do the highest influence on the customers buying decisions. If you have real desire to get more publicity you have to do more marketing innovations with the use of social media networks rather than using earlier prepared advertisements. In social media marketing, you have to identify the demographic factors from the customer’s point of view such as age occupation education profession etcetera. The company point of view you have to consider the marketing mix elements such as price place product etcetera. Content and information sharing with the use of videos images animations and graphics are the most important in social media marketing method. It can be done in both paid and unpaid manner. when we consider Sri Lanka now most of the older and all almost all the younger generation use social media networks .so if you need to do marketing you have to consider the social media usage percentages and you have to target relevant audience in a respective manner. Furthermore, you have to do relevant changes and relevant additions and relevant eliminations based on the customer choices selections and competitors’ innovations. so the proper methodical engagement is needed if you need real desire to climb the ladder in the business world. You can do it on your own or you can get service from the social media network marketing companies. The initial part of social media marketing is a background research as mentioned earlier. When you have to find more tactics and strategies to attract new customers as well as protect existing customers. You have to consider the layout of your advertisement and it should align with the culture of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans’ thinking pattern.

In Sri Lanka from time to time there are several viral social media campaigns are happening.

for that, you have to select an appropriate audience with an appropriate social media platform and you should be able to create it to have the maximum reaches in a very short period of time. Through social media marketing, you can cross the boundaries in an instant manner. Not like newspapers journals magazine leaflets and cutouts, you can cover-up each part of the country within a short period of time. In Sri Lanka Facebook, Instagram, YouTube LinkedIn are the most usable social media among young and older generations. Via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram you can target each level of customers and you have some flexibility in selecting contents in the advertisements. But by posting high-quality content in LinkedIn you can get recommended by professionals like company owners, CEOs and other well-recognized product users. The brand recognition you can gain via social media marketing and modern day to day life people tend to make the decision based on those reviews. They consider more about the reviews than the quality. So in Sri Lanka, if you can provide better service or best product while maintaining good quality with good social media marketing strategies you will be able to win the business world easily.

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